Apr 19, 2014

Catching up

So it's been a little LOT busy lately, but I wanted to post a few pictures that we have taken and catch up a bit in photos. I still need to post pictures of Tre's 7th birthday. Crazy that he's 7! Time is flying and I feel like I am trying to frantically grasp it while it slips through my fingers. I am thankful for each moment God gives me. He is GOOD!
                                                              Tre-7yrs old Easter week 2014
Jaylin 3 1/2 Easter week
 Aaliyah 5yrs April 12, 2014
 Jaydn 19 months Easter Week 2014

Apr 6, 2014

Sippin on Beets

2 golden beets
5 carrots
1 apple
1 lemon
1/2 large cucumber 
5 handfuls of kale 

Beets are great for cancer prevention, help keep us hydrated, increase in energy, help prevent aging, they are anti-flamitory, help protect our eyes and so much more! 

The kids gobbled this juice down with not complaints! Love when that happens!

Hope you enjoy this juice! 

Apr 5, 2014

Our little weekend

Friday family night to watch Frozen and enjoyed time together! The kids loved it and I so enjoyed watching there sweet excitement! Love each of these precious little ones so much! Thank you Jesus for these sweet gifts! 
Daughter mommy date night! A and I went to watch the dance show at the high school. We both enjoyed it! After we went to the store and she was so excited to be able to pick the baby Anna doll from Frozen. She was ESTATIC and it was so much fun! 

I love this sweet girl and her excitement in life! She's a joy! Love you Sweet girl!

Apr 3, 2014

Enjoying today in photos

These are some unedited pictures I took of the kids today! Just having to share that I am so excited to learn from Karen in the photography class. I have wanted to take her class for over 6 years now! Wow! How time can get away from you!  In week 0 of the class she encourages you to just enjoy the little moments. I LOVE that! Today I did just that with camera in hand, and although they aren't close to perfect, they are captured and I am excited that I will forever have these as sweet memories from today with my sweet gifts from Jesus! Oh and don't judge the half jammie half outfits with crazy hair, it was after naps and just get out and enjoy the good weather while it last! :) The funny thing is, that's what makes these pictures so great to me! They were our day, our moment, our real afternoon! :)

So thankful for them! This is Jaylin, our second daughter, and this is one of my favorite photos of the day! I love how the clover wishes are flying everywhere and she is focused on blowing the rest off her flower!

LOVE this picture of my girls! This is such a true picture of who they really are. 
They are silly and fun and love each other and enjoy being silly together!
 I pray they continue to have a deep and lasting bond of friendship! 
 The baby of the family… Yep, can you see it in his eyes? He knows he can be a little bit more demanding then the rest, but his time will come :). It's fun to have Jaydn in the mix now, playing and enjoying being out side! He loves to go outside with his brother and sisters! And since they all were grabbing clover wishes he was not going to be left out. lol!
 My oldest! Loves him some b-ball! Notice the arm bands, wrist wipes, b-ball shirt and shorts. At 6 years old he is already such a little stud on and off the court! Thank you Lord!
 Our precious 5 year old princess! She wears her crown everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE she goes! We are okay with it and she is loving that she is a daughter of the KING JESUS! So fun! I want to always remember her in this little crown!
 Rock or Flower? Ummmm! Why choose when you can have both! Yep, both it is for this 18 month cutie!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my sweet 6 year old! He has one of the greatest laughs and when he laughs you want to laugh because it's so darn cute! I want to soak up these moments, put them in a bottle and go back to them! Thank you Lord for these sweet gifts you have given to me! 
What a blessing pulling out your camera can be! 

Mar 30, 2014

Art Star

So very proud of this sweet boy! Was selected for his artwork to compete with other schools and won 3rd! So proud of you Our lite Art Star!!
You are auch a creative, gifted, and smart child! God has blessed you with many gifts, always use them for Him and give Him the glory!!! I love you! 
All of us had such a sweet time celebrating your great accomplishment! We love you! 

Mar 22, 2014

Date night

Aaliyah got a quick date night with Daddy . He took her to get a strawberry icecream cone and they listened to Frozen songs on the way home! She had such a great time! 

Girl time

Me and the girls enjoying some nail painting time together! Love my girls!