Jul 13, 2014

Summer. Summer. Summer time....2014 Take1

Here are a few of the many times we have had this summer. It's going fast, but we are trying to have some fun too, especially before it gets too hot here :).
So of course we visited a few parks

 Had to check out Food Truck friday at a local park we love
 I love this face Jaylin makes
 Did some extended Juicing. 
 Captured some of God's amazing handiwork! He is truly amazing!
 Visited the Library and working on our book reading goals
 Tre's reading is coming along and he even reads to his siblings, which is so cool! 
 Some schoolwork/artwork fun
Lots of Playtime

 And some swim lessons

 Some Play dates with friends
 Some sidewalk chalk art contests

 Being silly with sister
 Tackle time with Brother
 turned wrestling 
 Learning new skills :)
 Father's Day Fun

 Indoor Soccer: They picked out their outfit... got to love this! I sure did!
 Indoor;playroom soccer

 Amazing Friends bring such joy to us all; We love them so!
 Lovin time with Mrs. Kollene and Heather

 Surprise visit from family! Loved spending time with the Drinkwaters! What a huge blessing and medicine for the soul that was! We love you guys!

More to come.... 

Baby bro is a Pastor

So proud of you Daniel! Praying God's blessing and protection on your marriage and ministry! Keep placing Jesus 1st always...and all things will be added into you! Love you! 

Jul 3, 2014

Date night: Aaliyah

So we try to take our kidos on a date night every once and a while. I like to try to get one in every other month with one child at a time. I absolutely LOVE getting the kids one-on-one. It's so great for them, me, and the other kids too! It let's the child who is going feel loved, treasured, and focused on. While it gives great confidence to the child who is able to spend one-on-one time with a parent, it also allows the others to develop unselfish motives and be genuinely happy for the treat their sibling gets through quality time! I love this for all of these reasons, but mostly I love getting to hear one child talk, listening to their individual voice, their likes, dislikes, and random facts and interest of the day or moment! I love looking into their little eyes, hiding hair soft hand while we walk, and kissing their sweet cheek and just enjoying every ounce of their God given individual precious person! It's a time I will always treasure! This time it was with Aaliyah and it was PRECIOUS and PRICELESS! 
Aaliyah LOVES the movie Frozen, like most girls her age. However, she was working to save her money for a Elsa dress. She finally collected ( from very generous family) and earned from some chores, enough money to buy it. So what better date night then rejoicing over her accomplishment and self-control! Always a opportunity to tech; right! 

She was ESTATIC! Bouncing, twirling, squeezing, and bubbling over with joy, she danced around the store with excitement! I was loving every word she was frantically trying to express! 

Then the we got to the toy/princess isle and the dress was gone. No more Elsa dresses. I thought she was going to quickly go from joy to overflowing tears, but she didn't! She had a great attitude and said she would gladly look for other toys. I told her we could look around, and with such a great attitude and no pouting It urged me to check the next closest locator, and what do you know.... They had it! So we jumped in the car and chatted the whole way to the store at a pace that could have beat us I the store:)! 

Once we arrived and found that they had one final dress we rejoiced, and others in the store rejoiced with Aaliyah as her glow was overflowing! 

It was so fun! So precious, and I was so blessed to have this moment with my sweet girl! She is a beautiful princess....With or without the Elsa dress! 

It is her abundant joy, her sweet smile, her spunk and spark on life, and her love and generosity for The Lord and others that make her a beautiful daughter of he King-Jesus!!! 

I love you sweet girl! Thank you for blessing us worth such JOY!!!!

Jun 14, 2014

Tre Graduation Shoot

I have been wanting to take Tre out and take some photos of just him in his graduation outfit. Here are a few from our little shoot. We had so much fun together, and I just love his little personality that comes through in these photos! So proud of you Tre! 

Our big boy is on to 1st Grade. I can't believe it! May you walk in the ways of the Lord and love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul, all the days of your life!